Treatment is so much better today.

You might have put off testing and treatment.

You may have heard stories or old information about treatment.

You could be worried about family or friends finding out about your hep C and getting upset or discriminating against you.

Take the first step. Talk to us now.


To find out if you have hep C you can do a Dried Blood Spot test (DBS). It’s a finger prick test. You choose how to get your results – text, call or email – to keep it private. You can do the test at the NSP, or in private by getting a test kit posted to you.

For more information click here for our DBS page.

You can also get tested at sexual health clinics, doctor’s clinics, drug and alcohol services and needle and syringe programs (NSPs), and if you’re an Aboriginal person you can get tested at an Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) or Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service.

Find a place to get tested in your area or call the Hepatitis Infoline on 1800 803 990.

Treatment and cure

  • cures over 95% of people
  • has very few side-effects
  • Is pills only, just 1 to 3 pills a day
  • no injections
  • takes 8 or 12 weeks
  • can be prescribed by local clinics and doctors.

Everyone has the right to the new hep C cure, even if you

  • have cirrhosis or liver damage
  • are using
  • drink alcohol
  • have been treated before and got hep C again
  • have been treated in the old interferon days and it didn’t work
  • are in prison
  • live with a mental health condition

While living with hep C I often felt exhausted, but with cure my energy has returned.

The new treatment is a game changer.

Take the first step to cure your hep C today.